Unfortunate webOS and the $99 Touchpad

I read this actual speculative fun article about what would happen to webOS. Now that HP has surprisingly disappointed the industry with such a drastic move, maybe it was enormously necessary, it should be a worst case scenario that webOS will be killed. Of course there are tons of ideas and speculations coming from everywhere on the planet, it’s all up to HP to decide.

Palm would have not been in a surprise, because it may have seen this coming. WebOS was great, certainly great than some of the OS’s existing today. Back then it was introduced with the Palm Pre. It impressed the gadget gurus by its new features for instance; it was one of the first to take the contact list on to the web integrating it with social networks.

But even after going out strong it couldn’t stay on its own, was taken over by HP, many thought of its bright future and now you can again see the uncertainty. Only time will tell. One option many of the blogs mention is that HP may license the webOS. I wonder what Rubinstein must be thinking right now.

This was the unfortunate story of the OS. Coming to the not yet miraculous touchpad, it is brought down to $99. The folks, who had purchased prior to this steep drop, need not worry they are being refunded the extra amount. The Touchpad is selling great and HP has announced that even if it goes out of stock, it will still supply the devices.

Now gadget enthusiasts have been experimenting with the Touchpad, erasing webOS from it and installing Android on to it. I even heard that someone ran iOS on it and iOS operated at double speeds on the device! Here’s an example!

The TouchDroid!

Somewhat like the PC market, the tablet now has a good chance of letting users choose the hardware and the OS they wish to go for! One of the gdgt.com user even commented: “With this flood of HP TouchPads, I assume there will be a large hacked Touchpad community forming around them (and webOS?). What do you think?”

It would be great to get involved in such a never seen community revolving around the Touchpad.

Now this is an opportunity thrown out by the failure.


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