Nuclear Con-fusion

Following the partial meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear facility, there has been a sense of concern felt world-wide. People have come out to streets opposing the operations of such plants.

Being un-educated about nuclear facilities, I always thought these people were insane and stupid. Insane because they exaggeratingly shouted out “what if a disaster, like huge earthquake, struck the place?” and I felt they were stupid for I knew nuclear energy was the cleanest one with great future potential glancing at the exhaustion of other minerals and resources not even considering their pollution facts.

What I never knew about these facilities was their management and working process. The documentary I came across put up an in-depth focus on the entire life-cycle of a nuclear power plant.

Shockingly I discovered that after an average life span of 30-50 years, the used equipment has to be isolated and the area be sealed like-forever! The radio-active affected area covering miles and the extremely expensive and high quality equipment are to be isolated and take about 400 years to completely detoxify. Great! No one dared to tell me that for so many years, I always heard them shout it’s the best, cleanest source of energy and the world would need it.

Of course there has to be some solution here just pointing out the problem makes it even bigger. What? Solar! It could be used where ever possible, of course! Another is Wind, one more is that Tidal and there are a lot of them, not as efficient, not as reliable but not that disastrous as nuclear.

May be the plants should be built on areas that have the minimal probability of natural disaster, highly motivated and trained personnel, strong and thick protection layers have been and always be used, use of barren or waste land for construction could be a good option!

Tell me if you are in favor of or against nuclear energy. Have the Fukushima incident have had any impact on you in any way?


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