Happening Mumbai

Started last week, the kala ghoda festival of Mumbai has been high on spirit and color. Events, colored themes, eve dances and music gigs have all contributed greatly to make kala ghoda a grand event.There are filmy and theatrical episodes which exert a pull on the crowd from all over.

a dance @ kala ghoda

The fest began ago and has served people of all ages from kids to youths to senior citizens. 13th is the close down ceremony and so try to get there you will have a blast. The venues may vary from Asiatic library to the Max-Muller bhavan near the Prince of Wales museum. Here’s Kala Ghoda Festival 2011 schedule.


That was the one happening in Mumbai.

The second is for all the summer of ’69 aficionadas BRYAN is coming to town!!

Bryan coming to town

The rock voice singer Bryan Adams has planned a concert today 12th Feb @ BKC. Pasha, my friend seems to have got himself a ticket for free!

“Pasha!! Get me one or give me yours”

Be it a full-on rock or a romantic song, Bryan has got them all! To experience the Rock fever go get calling to 44881000 or visit http://kyazoonga.com/bryanadams


The next happening this weekend is for all you outdoor sport fans, specifically the cycle enthusiasts. Organized by the CFI and UCI with a tag line of Tour de Mumbai this cyclothon was launched just a year before. Witnessing a huge enthusiasm they have organized the event even this year and Mumbai will be hosting the second and final phase this time. Cyclists from over the world have shown interest for this event. There are international and national categories with a hundred and eight KM race line.

For those interested can part take in the following categories: Amateur ride (28KM), Corporate Challenge (15), Green ride (15), Kids ride (3). This part of event will be held on 13th Feb and is to begin @ Bandra MET. For more info please visit http://mumbaicyclothon.in


Not curious in any of these? you’ve got one more reason to make this weekend memorable. Sunday is the Valentine’s Day eve and you would get yourself planning for that big date! So you can spent time planning and preparing for the 14th Feb.

be my valentine

Google up to stumble on some of the trends followed on this day!


So; what’s happening in your part of Mumbai? Let me know about how would you spent this special week end!


One thought on “Happening Mumbai

  1. Valentine’s Day – Valen-Thine – Self Acceptance – Loving Our Self & Others – The Legacies Of Characteristical Values – Respectfully

    Wishing You A Happy Valentine’s Day – Valen-Thine – Your Creative Brilliance


    Every year Valentine’s day brings along with it more profound insights to the day and the year ahead


    It depends upon the reflection that is accorded to it – the value gleamed from its harmonious resonation that echoes the value of the values


    Valen represents the strength – the bravery – this is the incredible wealth of immensely strong characteristical values – our amazing intellectual faculties that dwell within our true realm


    This is seeking to evoke our awareness – to make us aware of our true potential – to awaken to our creative magnificence


    Likewise each and every day that comes into our life seeks to inspire us to realize its potential and align with our True Selves – our True Nature


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