Did U miss the coolest gdgt’s of CES 2011?


CES 2011

CES has always been an amazing event; the world looks forward to get that first glimpse of the latest and the greatest in the electronic industry. Here is the official list of previous year’s CES Innovation Awards.

As far as I have known (through blogs and podcasts) this year, tablets and androids were EVERYWHERE! Last year was all about net-books, they were like hot cakes and everyone was talking about them, but today they are outdated! The tablets have taken over and here are some latest gadgets you can check’em all.

Absence of Apple did affect the show in a big way; what would have happened if they did attend?! 😉 Alright; here’s the categorical list of the coolest gadgets shown off at CES 2011; I think you should not miss them.




Powering a Laptop with 1GHz dual-core and 1Gigs of memory – superphone!

It’s a bit of revolutionary concept from MOTOROLA by introducing this super-phone with a twist in mobile computing. A laptop can be brought to life powered by the dual-core 1GHz processor and 1000MB of memory packed on this mobile monster. With their webtop application it can run a full-fledged Firefox 3.6 browser!! Unleash the power to get rich mobile browsing experience. Simply put it, ATRIX is the most powerful mobile super phone!

Some of the other phones up in the race are:

Samsung Infuse 4G || Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc || HTC Thunderbolt || LG Revolution || HTC Inspire 4G



Twenty-11 would be simply remembered by the Tablet juncture at CES. Tablets were to be actually felt all over the place. Following are few selected ones and you certainly shouldn’t give them a miss:


Again the big MOTO! Motorola seem to be getting on well with the CES and Android platform coz Xoom is got to be the first device to carry Honeycomb! This Android 3.0 from Google has been specifically designed to work on tablets, enhancing the widgets, multi-tasking, multi-touch and numerous android-favorite features! It also comes with an assurance of LTE (Verizon Wireless) upgrade in the second quarter.

With Honeycomb – the latest tablet-enhanced Android 3.0 from Google!

Some of the other tablets are:

RIM Blackberry Playbook || ASUS Eee Pad MeMO || ASUS Eee Pad Slider || ASUS Eee Pad Transformer || LG T-Mobile G-Slate


So the fact in here is, that the crowd just follows Apple and there-by introduces Apple-like products all the time. You should be saying Tablets were born after iPad was introduced!

So; is the half of the CES just an after-effect of Apple’s innovation? Or is it just that Apple introduces their products early? Thanks for commenting!



2 thoughts on “Did U miss the coolest gdgt’s of CES 2011?

  1. Great review. Thanks for posting such an in depth impression. I’ve handled one in the store, but your review covered alot of ground that I couldn’t with such a limited amount of time. Based on my in-store experience and your review I think I’ll be waiting for a future generation to arrive. The potential is certainly there for this device, but based on my current portfolio of tech devices (laptop, desktop, iPhone, iTouch) I’m not sure this device quite justifies the expense at this time for me.

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