Stay hungry. Stay foolish for the party tonight!

It’s New Year eve and tonight will be brighter than the full moon. Australia will be celebrating already!! Twenty-ten is DONE. Cheers…Make that party grand!

Ok, I know this happened to be the worst…est year for all of you, except for the engineers graduated of the Mumbai University 😉 (shit!! I could’ve made it…ask pasha). But seriously, 20-ten was a bad bad year or say not a good one, at least for India with its scams and the West for Greeks and Irish declared bankruptcy! moreover Portugal and Spain seem to be next…

If interested you may wanna look upon the top 10 EVERYTHINGS!! As listed by TIME. You may share your experience via comments on this post.

That's a beautiful one!

So make sure you stay hungry and stay foolish for the party tonight! Are there fireworks at Vasai ground this time? see you there!


Next day of X’mas we had 3 bikes to repair, in our garage alone! Accidents happen.

I really want to write about these lovely party drinks and dishes…


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