Get Invitation for the new Facebook Message Service

Facebook is now rolling out its all-new greatly and curiously anticipated Messaging service. Of course you have heard it already!

Hyped to a Gmail-killer, Facebook messages will not be traditional Email as claimed by Zuckerberg. He said that “This is not an email-killer. This is a messaging system that includes email as one part of it.” So it’s true that you will have email addresses!! And will have integrated chat, e-mail and every other conversation you have with friends with no subject lines!

This service is already made available to users and you may have to wait more till it is put up as a notification or is highlighted in your Facebook profile.

Prehaps you can request for the invitation from facebook by clicking on the link below if you are extra curious and want to get it sooner…

Request your invitation here

You may have a detailed look on Facebook messages here

Once upon a time it was said IM me…now it will be said F me! 😉

Have you already requested the invitation! r u curious about this new FB service or not? tell me through comments!

update 1: Get your profile updated to the latest FB design!!


3 thoughts on “Get Invitation for the new Facebook Message Service

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