y 7?

There are three kingdoms ruling the Smartphone industry and that’s according to me. The number one has applications, elegance and high integration — Apple and its iOS, next up is the open, multi-feature and a droid — Google and its Android OS and just around comes Microsoft rolling out Windows Phone 7! (No! its not an upgrade to windows mobile 6.5)

I have not included Nokia for two prime reasons, one being that Symbian devices are just not touch oriented (they do have N8 with Symbian^3, but that alone doesn’t convince me) and secondly I am not sure which OS are they really committed to? (the good ol’ Symbian, the new MeeGo or that Maemo)

I also have not mentioned Blackberry for some personal reasons which can be read here

I have already posted about iOS and Android. The two totally contradict each other but prove to be very confusing when it comes to choosing the best. Adding to that confusion MS has all ready launched their very promising flagship WP7 OS. It has already gathered moss and has stood up possessing a strapping challenge for iOS 4 and the Gingerbread!

Putting that aside, I want to post my thoughts on why WP7 would prove to be huge among other smart phone platforms in the future.


Reason num one: the Layered app Icons

I don’t know of People, but I have already had an overdose of that ol’ school menu screen icons, the same ghi-ssa pitta purana feel of starting an app with just a single touch.

WP7 promises UI which is a class apart. It has that power to make you feel as if it plays with your tips and dances with the rhythm of your mind and soul (hyperbole here!!)

There are no icons whatsoever on your menu screen, instead there are self-built squares customized in size and looks and they stretch far apart sideways and have fluid animations accompanied with them! These are called Hubs. Have you seen them in photos yet? The thumbnails of apps, photos, notifications are just not organized and I love it that way!

the all new UI

Reason num two: it stretches beyond

The world is used to phones it can slide up-downwards (not talking about side ways flipping to change the screen) when within an application. It’s good, it’s nice but WP7 gives you something different you flip sideways when in an application.

stretched beyond

This is the second cool thing I find in the WP7 platform.

guess it if u can!

The interface plays a little game with the mind and the users seem to love it! The pic below has an incomplete heading…and my mind burst out saying that the word is MARKETPLACE, see I how well I know English! I seem to love this game too 🙂

Reason num three: It’s Microsoft!

Although the phone does not support cut – paste function and although multitasking is not enabled for third-party apps, there is no reason to be worried! Come on people it’s MICROSOFT! You know the Windows OS they have, it has come a long way and today they have their Windows7 OS for desktops which truly rocks the world of more than 175 Million users’ world wide!

Wait a little for WP7 to get evolved and the world will know what this OS has got! You know what is lambi race ka ghoda (long journey horse) that is Microsoft!

What do you think — Which is the OS platform that’s going to stand out and shine? Let me know your thoughts and comments!

**thanking the authors for the pics

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