Popular free software downloads sites

Talking specifically about windows, it happens some times that you may need to install a utility or some software on a machine in order to proceed with your work. The ware you need might be a small setup or a software program which is available for free on the net. The first thing you will do is search the Hard disk for the installation setup. Next you may probably google it for a quick download. But then, at times it turns out to be confusing of exactly which version, what bit setup to choose from.

In this post I’ll try and enlist some of the popular sites to go for while hunting down your flavor of the setup file. The sites mentioned here are the ones I personally use for any sort of freeware; note that there is no cracked software available on these sites, some of them may also contain the trial versions.

My personal number one:

http: //filehippo.com

simplistic, old available
  • This is my favorite as it has a huge repository of not only many of the freeware but one can download old version of the software. Yes old version means those released five-six years back to its latest release.
  • The site never fails to give a brief description (including technical) and the size in MB of the setup file you are about to download.
  • Other nice thing about this site is that it highlights the updated software and also showcases the most downloaded software.
  • The interface of this website is also pretty simplistic and minimum adverts do not annoy or distract you from your task. The site also stands up by its name `file-hippo` indicating huge or hippo-like collection!

If you want choice:

http: //download.chip.eu

  • The site is not simple; it offers a huge freeware to be downloaded. Owned by the popular CHIP magazine, the site seems to be overflowing with so much choice for the user.
  • They have so much to offer, this can be noticed by the number of well-sorted software in categories at the left-side bar.
  • The best thing I like about this site is the reviews they offer all sorts of reviews, which is a big plus point here.
Reviews and Ratings
  • The ratings and reviews prove to be of great assistance when looking around for the best option available. The user ratings are also an added advantage.

The next of my choice:


My first
  • The first download site I got familiar with was this one, but it has changed drastically and has become rich with interfacing and content. Even the domain has changed from download.com
  • Very well arranged and good options to narrow down your search in the left side-bar although the adverts are very up-front.
  • This site too offers ratings from editor and users, but is not that powerful as compared to the previous one.
  • They have a clear cut discrete tab dedicated for non-windows platforms like-linux, mobile and macOS.

Yet another good one:


The power to you
  • As said you can find and develop open source software in here. A great repository to look for open source projects and software.
  • The reviews and ratings are available form the open source community. The greatest thing of this site is it offers you to further develop the unfinished project all by creating an account.


These were very, very few of the huge collection of sites scattered all over the web. You may certainly have better ones than these, let me know through comments! Will surely update the post crediting you!

At last:

Follow these simple steps to obtain the best of what choice you have from this huge web world:

  1. Always go to the official site of your chosen software
  2. Look for the description of it like the file size, latest version, release, capabilities, features, etc.
  3. Now go to some of the above mentioned sites and look around for the ratings and reviews of that software.
  4. Compare it with other alternatives and make a choice! Make sure the setup file is compatible with your machine config (32-bits, 64-bits).
  5. Download the software!

Tip: the better option to all the above stated stuff is just google what software you need! I am sure you will be able to download it.


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