5 reasons why Blackberry is turning sour

The Blackberries

Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian giant known for its Blackberry business phones, is going down! Apple with its iPhone4 and Google with its Android are fast and furiously catching up the smart phone market. The American market once dominated by the RIM’s Blackberry is now turning towards Android and Apple…Moreover the mighty Microsoft is also fully set to launch its all new windows phone7, which is already proving a big threat to Android and the iPhone market share.

Why is this happening? (according to me…hu that’s important!)


RIM has had no innovative feature or product for a long time. Where as Android and iPhone now, are like – innovation factories! Blackberry has had always believed and almost totally relied on their image as a high end business phone; known to the masses for its outstanding mail services, security and very vital…the `QWERTY` keypad.

But BB did not have a Phone which had both-full touch screen and a slide-out keypad until the BB torch 9800 which has just been launched.

Not bad, but RIM never seemed to work on improving the interface. Even their touch phones seem to be `not in proper condition` the interface seems sluggish. Moreover, Blackberry is the last player in launching BB torch 9800 featuring `QWERTY` slide keypad and touch screen both!


Blackberry is not open. Android, being an open platform in itself lures the developers to play with the system to a great extent. Talking about Apple, it is certainly Blackberry-like, but they have the man called Jobs! They have a full-fledged screening process and they are perfectionists!


Coming down on Apps.
People want to be owners of a phone which will provide them with tons of applications. Not that there are no Blackberry apps, but they have remained the same more or less. Big uncle Google has a rock-solid backup (of whatever kind) for the Android platform; Google has been arranging competitions for encouraging, rather luring developers to fill up the Android app store!

BB Apps-just around 10K?

What does Blackberry have? A mere 10,000 apps…Apple and Android have them in 6 figures…


Legal Issues.
Their ‘cool features’ such as IM with the exchange of PIN, Email, etc have made the government keep a close eye. Saudi Arabia has already banned the device! But than there are some positive developments. India, I don’t know…reason being these services and their anonymous nature pose a security threat for the Nation (I don’t know how). The government is apparently demanding access to Blackberry databases! Although BB has no or little business outside US, it has to start hunting for some global market share. For BB it looks like it may loose market share to Apple, Google and MS, hence it has become essential for them to either capture some of outer-US territory or produce an innovative product which will do some real magic…


Multimedia, the Processor and Provider.
A quick google and I noticed from the forums that entertainment value on a Blackberry device is minimal. The multimedia capabilities are narrow. It will play videos, and music, but the software is very feature limited. Can you believe it? A BB does not feature a front-facing camera!

Coming to the processor speeds @ 624-MHz, less than competitors, much less, and so some blame this clock speed for the sluggishness.

The latest BB Torch 9800 has been released on AT&T…it’s like BSNL of India! What else can I say? ;p

Tell me through comments: Which Smartphone do you use?
What do you know about BB and how do you feel when you hear of it?
Would you consider it while shopping for a Smartphone?

Thanks for your comments…


5 thoughts on “5 reasons why Blackberry is turning sour

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