Apple Stands Tall

Today, Apple is where it had never been before. I actually want to make some positive sense out of this statement. Following the tech news filled with some rumors, some facts and more of rubbish, anyone might easily take this statement to be negative. Because we know, we know the iPhone4 and its ‘death grip’ or ‘antennagate‘ problem. Moreover, the world is surprised that Jobs is blaming the users that they cannot hold the handset properly! I was totally against this statement until I was enlightened by a friend Sanket Mahadik that, in fact most of the mobile phones have this problem!! (Happy realization to me)

Simple, it is!! Take your handset out, notice the bars, now try gripping it with your whole palm, be stable and you would, in most cases, see a drop in the bars.

You may decide for yourself whether you were lucky to see the bars go down or lucky that your phone has survived the ‘Death Grip’

Normal Hold
Tight Grip

At the Apple conference, Jobs stressed on the point of not being absolute perfect. He then highlighted some smart phones in the market which also suffered from death grip. The targeted firms were quick to respond by blaming Jobs that he is exaggerating the degree of this problem. Jobs also said that the bars fell such significantly due to some bug in the signal showing software and also issued a fix. Moreover, Apple is also offering free rubber bumper for its customers, which seem to avoid skin contact with the side-body, thus fixing the problem.

So this is what I have concluded so far:

The actual problem:

  • When you hold an iPhone in your hand (especially left) the 3G, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth signals are immediately lost!

Possible solutions to the problem: (Either of these would work for you)

  • Get the software updated (only fixes the issue if you BELIEVE Jobs 100percent);
  • Hold the device with finger-tips only;
  • Attach the rubber bumper made available by Apple;
  • Throw the phone in the dustbin and be happy with that external antenna old-school phone which is best suitable for you.

Why did this happen?

  • It seems Apple has tried out a new approach for packing the antenna. Some sort of new technology engineered by Apple. Antenna is embedded in the stainless steel band that runs around the iPhone and it is just at the surface. This antenna is easily interrupted by the skin and the signals are lost!

I can’t decide whether this problem is an industry-wide concern or only Apple is at fault?

  • Industry experts say that human body does degrade the strength of any signal, but in case of iPhone the disturbance is a little higher.

What I think?

  • May be Apple is simply being true to its Innovative nature, but at the same time it seems that they are also ready to sacrifice Performance for Looks, Style and Appeal of the Product.
  • Although this is a somewhat major issue for iPhone, the whole industry suffers from it!! So it might be just an issue of perception altogether! If Apple would have been a small firm it would have gone unnoticed!
  • The iPhone is a beauty with true style and appeal; it also now includes so many features. Retinal display, Pixel density of 326ppi, 5MP cam, a front-face cam, 720p video, multi-task capable, a GHz A4 processor, Apple interface, 225000 apps!!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WISH?

So I think I may just not be able to say NO to iPhone4, after all no phone is perfect!

Current state of market:

  • Just about 0.55% of the customers have reported issues so far, from about 1.7Million. Although the figures might have changed by now they would certainly not be drastic.
  • iPhone4 is selling like Hot-Cakes, like never before! Now more than half of the revenue for Apple is generated outside US.

At last I could only say: The iPhone 4 is beautifully flawed

Tell me have you been following the Apple incidents? What do you think about this issue? And Who according to you is responsible?


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