Load Shedding…real-time!

The other day I was just doing some work on my machine, it was important, but then I had to throw it away. Because my machine is not backed up by any big power supply and it has a mere 15Min of UPS support I had to, had to shut it down.

In case of an interrupt, I always save the work and shut down the machine as soon as possible cause the battery is small and would soon exhaust damaging the components.

Light's Gone 😦

Light’s Gone! has been the tag line since years. Just now I had to say it again, but you guessed it right!

People got used to this situation, which gradually grew to a big present problem, as they could do very little. Some grouped and sat for ‘dharna’, others took out processions, some even agitated with the management of the power supply board. There were many agitating through violence-breaking the government offices.

The power overload is dropped by straight away cutting off the power supply. The problem existed years before I was even born and I have seen it getting worse year after year. As I started to give it a thought I always asked myself: why does Bombay doesn’t have this problem? Soon I knew that Bombay is the nation’s pride and it will not be able to stand up and face the world without power! It’s true. But whenever I travel in this city my mind gets fucked up witnessing the extreme wastage of power. I don’t really know what mentality many of these people have.

A Cartoon

I attended a class in the suburb. You will see the room; it was such an undersized place, and it had a total of FOUR AC’s for it! And some of the professor’s would not proceed with lectures until all of them were on full swing!! What the hell. This is just a tiny absurd example, I am sure you may have seen many in your day-to-day life.

A quick google search and you may find a lot about this problem; this is what the state government has to explain.

So let’s hope for a bright future and let’s spread the word: SAVE ENERGY! Bye, I have got some important work to be done.


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