The COMODO internet security overview (about: topic and the Anti Virus)

>>The LOGO:

>>The firm:
COMODO is a Firewall cum Antivirus cum Proactive suite (all installation optional). Headquartered in Jersey City, NJ with global resources in the UK, Ukraine, Romania, China and India, the company offers businesses and consumers the intelligent security, authentication and assurance services necessary to ensure trust in all transactions.

>>The content of this post:

Here I am going to be concerned, not about these corporate events, but the basic security and protection; COMODO provides for HOME use, for free and WITHOUT adverts!

>>Let’s get started:

>Personal Experience:
I have been using this suite for quite a while and I agree that it has a very sophisticated interface; there was a moment when it had blocked my internet port and denied any access, until I found out the next day! This was because of Security Policy had blocked the “svchost.exe” file.
goto: FIREWALL > Advanced > Network Security Policy > Application Rules > Edit…

##Control the web access of your apps!


Edit and allow (unblock) the files responsible for net connection (the browser, svchost.exe in system32 dir)

>Don’t cry for help:

Although the interface seems quite clunky both to navigate and understand, you get a good amount of help to any complication you encounter. There is this option “What do these settings do?” right at the bottom on every single window! 

Help always available; Always! 

>What have you got? :
You have got a true Security Software which can give many of its paid counter-parts a go for their money! It will need some getting used-to initially, but later on you will truly love it.
This suite has loads of customization options and if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person than you will have the most optimized security ever! It is actually very much in control of the user.
For example:
goto: Defence+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy > Edit… > Access Rights

            This opens a Process Access Rights Window and as you can see for yourself it is actually offering you to configure for more enhanced protection! If you know what you are doing you may proceed; even more there is help available at the bottom!


Advanced Access Configuration for each process with neat and easy UI and with full help!

Not enough? Click the “Modify…” under settings and see for yourself. Tell me what’s up in there! 


>Very Simplistic:
            It functions just like any other good AV. Necessary features included such as :
·         On Access mode
·         Heuristics Scanning
·         Files to be Excluded
·         Scan Memory on Start
·         Manuel Scanning
·         Quarantined Items
And other normal features.

The following snap gives a clear idea of the AV interface. 

Simple and Powerful Anti-Virus

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