IT EXPO at Bandra-Kurla Complex

      I was at Bandra after nearly two long years. It had changed a bit-the sky-walk was of some interest. We walked high, leaving down Mumbai and its traffic! Soon the gateway of Bandra-Kurla Complex arrived! We were here within no time, all thanks to the skywalk! Then, hired a ric to reach the exhibition.
The sponsor:
United Tectsa (visit
It was the first day and the stalls were all ready, some were yet to be loaded. Here are some of the snapshots…
1>The red-carpet Gangway

2>The Globe
3>Real and the Unreal
Many companies had stalled in and displayed their products. Most dominant were the antivirus companies and then were the firms which provide webhosting and online data processing services besides the regulars.
The list of Big Daddies:
>>IBM Lenovo
          The apple guy actually made me to change over from turboLINUX to OS X, at that moment!

>>Antivirus firms (Quick Heal, ESET, Micro World)
>>Computer and component retailers

All these 16 LCD’s + 16 more on the left side were powered by…


It was impressive. Here the main concept was the connectivity and I wondered until I spotted this thing:
The black connector is responsible for all the connectivity issues.
I found out that the processor powering all these 32-34 desktops was some Intel Quad-Core
It is such a simple connectivity concept, but I never knew it until than.
The Locals:
Ruchi InfoTech
Terranet web services

One thing I notice somewhere and somehow is that may be the future of this industry will be stable but it might not grow like it did all these years. This is what I felt visiting the show. May be the industry will grow but surely not in the pace it did a couple of years ago.
The prime reason may be recession but there are some other factors that are affecting the growth.
Let’s just hope for the best.





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